Free Digital Marketing Course

Before knowing about free digital marketing course it is necessary to know what digital marketing is. Digital marketing also called online marketing or internet marketing. It is the promotion of products or services through digital channels like search engines, social media channels, etc.

            Internet on mobile phones has made a great revolution in the lives of people. Everyone are now able to use mobiles for their daily tasks like paying bills, communicating, searching information etc. Mobile phones had replaced the traditional entertainment channel like televisions, newspapers, magazines and radios. People are not reading newspapers instead they are using mobiles for news.  So the businesses now have to use these online channels to get customers attention. They need to promote on these channels than traditional channels like newspapers, magazines, radios or televisions.

            More over online marketing or digital marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing. It is economical or cheaper than traditional marketing. It performance can be measured. It is more targeted to the customers. It provides two way communication between business and audience. It can reach out to large audience. Through Digital marketing you can promote products internationally. It provides high conversion rates. It is less time consuming. It offers high degree of flexibility in terms of modification. It has high ROI ( Return on Investment ).

            All these factors led the rise in demand for digital marketing course. Digital marketing course is available offline or online. There are number of computer training institutes where they teach this course for reasonable amount of fee.

Digital Marketing Course Online     

        Location is no longer a barrier for education now. With the advent of tools like Zoom the students can get world class training from the comfort of their home. You can pursue free digital marketing course online as well.  The prerequisite for this is  laptop or desktop with good internet connection.

Digital Marketing Course Eligibility

          There is no need to have academic degree to learn this course. Any person with graduation qualification can learn Digital marketing course. He should know how to use the internet and laptop.

Digital Marketing Course Details

The main modules covered in basic digital marketing course are Search Engine Marketing ( SEM or PPC ), Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), Blogging, Social Media Marketing( SMM ), Social Media Optimization ( SMO ), Web analytics, Online Reputation Management ( ORM ), email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, etc. All these modules has to be applied on  website. WordPress is the popular Content Management System used to develop website.

            Search engine here means Google. Social media is websites like Facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, etc. Digital marketing course can be easily learnt by doing. So we need to work on a project website for learning purpose. It is a must for learning digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course Duration

          Digital Marketing basic course can be completed in 3 months whereas advanced digital marketing course takes upto 6 months of duration.

Free Digital Marketing Course With Certificate


Let us see few of the websites which give free digital marketing course.

  •  “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” by Google.

 It is also called Google digital unlocked or Google digital garage or google digital marketing course. It is a beginner level course with 40 hours. You can get a certificate of completing after finishing it. It can be accessed by the following link.

  • Digital Marketing Training by NeilPatel

The contents include Search Marketing Course, SEO unlocked, e-commerce unlocked, Content marketing unlocked, Instagram unlocked, Youtube unlocked, Facebook unlocked, LinkedIn unlocked, LocalSEO unlocked, e-mail marketing unlocked, CRO unlocked Growth hacking unlocked. It can be accessed by this link

  • Digital Marketing Course by Hubspot academy

Hubspot academy offers topic based, self paced learning content. It offers courses at different levels such as beginners, intermediate, advanced levels. Some courses in this are with certification. Follow this link to acces it.

  • Digital Marketing Course by Semrush Academy

Semrush academy offers more than 30 courses in digital marketing covering SEO, PPC, Content marketing and Social Media marketing. It is free of cost and comes with certificate.

  • Digital Marketing Course by Ahrefs academy

It provides free courses in digital marketing concepts like SEO, affiliate marketing, blogging, link building, content marketing, video marketing, keyword research, local SEO, technical SEO, etc.

  • Digital Marketing Course by Udemy

Udemy is known for free online courses and learning. It offers paid as well as free digital marketing course. Most of these are self paced. All these courses get feedback from users. Depending upon the rating one can choose the course.

  • Social Media Marketing by Meta

Meta offers free social media marketing training on facebook, instagram, whatsapp marketings. It offers certificate of completion once finished. Check out the following link

Internet is ocean of information. Apart from the above mentioned resources there are numerous blogs, youtube videos which teach free digital marketing courses online. It is the convenience of the user to select whatever he can follow. It is also necessary to follow different channels to get latest developments in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Internships

          All the digital marketing concepts has to learned by doing. Only theory knowledge is not sufficient. For gaining practical expertice you can attend paid or free internships. Once the course is finished you can implement the knowledge gained by working in internships. offers many work from home or in office internships in digital marketing  as well as other technologies.      

            Alternatively there is paid internship with cash back by digital Deepak. For internship on SEO Sanjay Shenoy’s SCK ( SEO Career Kickstarter ) is best where you are paid cash incentive for completing your assignments.

Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Course Job Opportunities

          The field of digital marketing is growing rapidly. Now-a-days- every business should be accessible online to gain customer trust and to communicate with customers. So many companies are hiring digital marketing professionals. Many started digital marketing agency where they provide all digital marketing services for their clients. Apart from this one can work part time or full time as digital marketing freelancer. This field of digital marketing is suitable for everyone like home makers, students, etc. This offers work from home job opportunities.