Local SEO

Local SEO

Do you run a local small business? Are you planning go online with cost effectively. Then your option should be Google free business listing. With this listing You can  showcase your products or services online.you canintimate about latest offers in your shop immediately to your loyal customers.You can request your customers feedback about your services or products. You can showcase your stores address, store timings,phone number, etc. All local business listings are shown in the first section of the SERP.You can give your customers the best experience by providing accurate information online.

Apart from creating a listing we will create local google map citations for local SEO.

Claiming your local citations and business directory listings not only helps significantly with your business’s online presence, but it also boosts your SEO.

Our Local Citations SEO.

We will help deliver a great customer experience and raise your local SEO rankings. We will:

  1. Store addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates
  2. Hours of operation due to holidays or emergencies
  3. Contact and profile information for professionals like advisors, agents, and doctors
  4. Menu items, descriptions, and prices
  5. Granular product and service details
  6. Event dates, descriptions, and times
  7. Photos and videos
  8. Helps you rank locally for your keywords.
  9. Created trust-worthy, white hat backlinks.
  10. Keyword Optimization on all directories

Our citations gig focuses on quality, not quantity of citations built. With our Local Citations SEO, customers will be able to find your local small business with ease. We work with all brick and mortar businesses that have a physical street address.

You can create free business listings in other search engines like bing, yahoo, etc.